Of Cathedrals and Phytons – Bathala Caves, Marinduque

One of the town of Sta. Cruz’s biggest draw, Bathala Cave Systems is made up of 7 explored caves with only 4 accessible ones during the time of our visit. It is teeming with life that upon entering the Church Cave, the smell of guano will fill your senses, and as you go deeper into this large cavern, only the sound of the bats will be heard, drowning any silence the cave has. image image image It is said that this cave served a greater purpose during the early times, this cave which can house hundreds of people at once, was home for the worship of extremist and religious sects who believed that the elements of the cave will keep them from utmost harm.

image image image The Phyton Cave on the other hand, is home to monitor lizards, roaches, bats and several rock phytons, there were three of them on our visit, one of which is sleeping in a small crevice. image image image Upon going back to the jump off point, you will be greeted with lush vegetation, a giant cross overlooking Calancan Bay. image image Other caves has underwater pools, secret passages, and some are yet to be explored.

“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aesop

Go, Carve that Niche, Rex


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