Up There – Mt. Pamitinan (426+)

Since my friends from the trilogy didn’t made it to the top of their third mountain last time, we rescheduled a “revenge” climb to finish what they started. This time, an hour earlier before the sun rises to catch the morning sea of clouds.

Vanilla Twilight

We arrived at Brgy. Wawa before 5am to make sure that we will be at the summit by 6am. Some final registration and meet-up with the guide, a little prayer, and the dim trek started. A little dark here and there, and the coldness of the morning felt new to us, since we are used to hiking Wawa during the day. Half an hour passed and we are already at the junction. We wasted no time and pushed through with the hike in the now rocky trail of Mt. Pamitinan. And after 20mins of fast paced climb, we already reached the first summit and waited for the sun rise.

Transition period

And as soon as little rays of the morning sun broke out from the sky, the clouds began to settle below us. It was a sea of cotton amidst the vanilla twilight. Who would have thought that you don’t have to go far enough to witness such an amazing phenomenon.



We then proceeded to the second summit of Mt. Pamitinan, where you have to go down a limestone cliff that has sharp rocks all over then a more trickier one as you ascend again to the tall rocks that marks the summit.

Real sharp

Then as the sun got a little higher, the clouds began to overflow like a river from where we were standing and that was one of the best moments that we are going to remember from Wawa.


Then we got back to the first peak to have have some rest and do those buwis-buhay shots for the 3rd time.

Team RAK





We descended down by 8am and reached the DENR office mo later than 9am. That was a quick but fulfilling climb. We were back at Cubao by lunch time.


Itinerary and Expenses

0330  Take UV Express Van bound to Rodriguez (50php/pax)
0430  Arrival at Eastwood, take tricycle to Brgy. Wawa (60php/trip)
0445 Arrival at DENR-PPL Office, Register, secure guide (Reg. Fee: 2php, Guide Fee: 500php/5pax)
0500  Start trek
0530  Arrival at junction
0550  Mt. Pamitinan summit 1
0630  Mt. Pamitinan Summit 2
0800  Descend back to Brgy. Wawa
0845  DENR-PPL Office, breakfast, tidy up
1030  take tricycle back to Eastwood (60php/trip)
1045  Take Van going back to Cubao (50php/pax)
1130  Cubao

(For a group of 3pax)
Transportation: 140php
Fees: 170php + 20php Brgy. donation
Food: 100php

Total Damage: 430php/pax (safe budget: 600php/pax)

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
– Henry Miller

Go, Carve That Niche,


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