Belle of the Pacific – Mercedes Islands Day 2

As soon as we woke up the following day, we had breakfast and broke camp by 6:00am. Restrooms are free of use provided by the locals and after tidying up we waited for our boat service that arrived by 7am and off we go on our last stop.

The Largest of Siyete Pecados

The water by early morning is a lot different from that last afternoon’s raging ones. It is much calmer today as we swiftly passed through the Malasugui and Quinapaguihan Islands.

And to our surprise, a sea cow or commonly known as Dugong appeared right before our eyes swimming freely around the area before it dissapeared from our sight. Mercedes will keep on surprising people despite the modern day changes and effects on the environment.

Slowly, we approached the biggest of the Siyete Pecados or the seven islands, Canimog Island. The shore is composed of fine white sand to pebbles and large rocks.

From here, the trek to the lighthouse will start where the concrete pathway starts.

The Beacon

Canimog Island is home to a diverse ecosystem teeming with wildlife, fruit bats also roam around here. From the beach the light house will be reached after 107 steps on a stone stair case leading to it. 

We reached the place in no time. The light house was built and was utilized by the local fisherman since June 1927 to signal and guide their fellow fishermen as they enter the craggy shores of Mercedes. It used to run on gasoline until the late 1990’s and was later turned into a solar powered lamp that is operational until today.

Opposite from the island is a 500 meter shore that has a breath taking view of the Pacific Ocean.

We headed back to the shore by 8:40am and arrived back at the Mercedes Port by 9:00am.

Camarines Norte Itinerary

2 Days, 1 Night

Day 0
2045 Bus to Daet, Camarines Norte via Superlines (515php/pax)

Day 1

0900  – Arrival at Paracale, Cam Norte (longer travel time, holy wednesday, average travel time 8-9hrs)
0930  – Early Lunch, tricycle to Labo (150php/trip)
1130  – Arrival at Labo, Camarines Norte, ride jeep to Daet (10php/pax)
1200  – Arrival at Daet, Camarines Norte, transfer to jeep to Mercedes Port (15php)
1220  – Mercedes Port, hire boat for island hopping, haggle (3000 overnight/5pax)
1300  – Start Island Hopping (Apuao Pequeña-Apuao Grande-Canton-Quinapaguian-Malasugui-Caringo)
1600  – Arrival at Caringo Island, set up camp
2000  – Socials
2200  – Lights off

Day 2

0500  – Wake up
0600  – Break camp
0700  – Boat ride to Canimog Island
0720  – Arrival at Canimog Island
0840  – Depart back to port
0900  – Mercedes Port, take jeep back to Daet (15php/pax)
1000  – Daet Central Terminal

Safe Budget: 2500php/pax (group of 4pax)

●Mercedes Tourism Contact Details:

Tel No. (054) 444-1261
Facebook Page: Love ko Si Mercedes.
Instagram: @lovekosimercedes

●Mercedes Tourism Boat Rental:
Day Tour – 3,000php/8pax
Overnight – 4,000php/8pax
(Every boat has a capacity of eight (8) tourists plus the boat crews and tour guide; with life vest and tour guide included)

●Kayak Rental
Within Mercedes – 150php/hr; 500php/day
Outside Mercedes –  1,000php/day

●Caringo Island
Entrance Fee – 15.00php/pax
Paraw Rental at Caringo Coral Sanctuary – 50.00php/boat (w/guide)
Snorkel Rent – PhP100.00/set
Homestay Accomodation = PhP250.00

●Apuao Grande Island
Entrance Fee – 30php/pax
Picnic Cottage Rental (Small) – 200php/group
Picnic Cottage Rental (Big) – 400php/group
Open Cottage – 1,500php
(Overnight, w/ electricity from 6pm-12mn, w/ complete beddings)
House Rental (3 houses) – 3,000php
Overnight, w/ electricity, good for 10-15 persons, 3 rooms with CR, w/ bathing water)

●Apuao Pequeña
Entrance fee and boat landing fee  – 300php/boat
Nature Walk at Sanctuary – 20php/pax
Cottage Fee – 200php (day tour);
500php (Whole Day); 700php (Overnight)

● If you can’t get enough of Mercedes Islands, you can top off the experience by visiting the Colasi Falls, located at Brgy. Cayucyucan, Daet, Camarines Norte which is a 1-2 hour trek deep inside the forests of Mt. Man-Asupre, and you can also visit the Hinipaan River that is popular to the locals

● From Daet, there are many possibilities of extending your second day, you can visit Bagasbas Beach at Daet or the Pulandaga Beach at Paracale, if extending up to third day, Calaguas Island must be on your itinerary

● Another option for Day 02 to 03 is to hike up the Mt. Labo of Camarines Norte and explore its pristine beauty, its dense jungle and get a glimpse of Angelina Falls or even see a rafflesia in full bloom

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

– William Feather

Go, Carve That Niche,



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