SNAPSHOT: Buntot Palos Falls

Hidden inside the Sierra Madre Range, Buntot Palos Falls is also called, you guessed it right, the Hidden Falls. This 80 meter waterfall located in Pangil, Laguna is named as such because of the Palos (Eels) that are caught in its river complex, some says that the cascade is shaped like the tail of an eel. One can reach the falls after an hour from Brgy. Balian, Pangil, Laguna or a two hour trek passing through Mt. Bikay in Siniloan, Laguna.
How To Get There:

● 1st Option

  • Ride a Raymond Bus (Located at Legarda St., Sampaloc, Manila) bound for Infanta, Quezon and alight at the Famy, Laguna junction. (Travel time 2-3hrs depending on traffic conditions)
  • From Famy, hire a tricycle that will take you to the Brgy. Hall of Balian to register before you start the trek. 

● 2nd Option

  • From Edsa Crossing, there are Jeepneys and UV Express Vans bound for Tanay, Rizal. (Travel time 1.5hrs)
  • From Tanay Public Market, take the Jeepneys en route to Siniloan, upon arrival at Siniloan, hire a tricycle to rake you to Brgy. Balian.

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