SNAPSHOT: Pantingan Peak (1388+MASL)

The highest point of the Mt. Mariveles crater peaks and consequently, the rooftop of the province of Bataan. Pantingan Peak (1388+MASL) is more challenging than its famous counterpart, Tarak Ridge, and offers a great view of what is inside the volcanic caldera of Mt. Mariveles. Since this is the trail less taken, it remains in a relatively pristine state, thus limatiks(leeches) and a wide array of overgrown, noxious and or thorny flora could be found. 

How To Get There:

● Take any bus bound to Balanga, Bataan from Cubao (Bataan Transit, Genesis Bus).(2-3hrs travel time.)

● From the bus terminal, take the jeeps heading to Bagac, Bataan (30-45mins travel time)

● Upon arrival at Bagac, charter a jeep that will take you to the jump-off point, make sure to contact the jeepney driver and guides in advanced since there are only a few guides that knows the Pantingan Trail very well.

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