SNAPSHOT: Bonifacio Ridge

Anyone who has reached Mt. Balingkilat definitely saw this meandering almost knife-edged ridge at the right side before the last assault going to the summit. Connecting it to Mt. Mabanban and Mt. Pundaquit, Bonifacio Ridge, named after Bonifacio Day, was recently explored and was done as a dayhike on that day traversing down to San Antonio, Zambales.

How To Get There:

● From Manila, one can take an Olongapo bound Victory Liner Bus at its Caloocan or Cubao Bus Terminal (Travel Time is 3-4hrs).

● Upon arrival at Olongapo City, arrange for jeepneys and guides beforehand to take you to the Sitio Cawag Resettlement jump-off point and make sure to drop by the Subic Police Station for the courtesy call. (Travel time 1hr)

● This is done as a Mt. Balingkilat approach descending down to the Bonifacio Ridge before reaching Mt. Mabanban down to Mt. Pundaquit.


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