SNAPSHOT: Diplomat Hotel

Located in Baguio City, in the province of Benguet, Diplomat Hotel sits atop the famed Dominican Hill and has been dubbed as one of the most haunted places in the country and in the world. It was built by the Order of the Dominicans as a vacation house and was later turned as a school, eventually it closed down due to low turn-out of enrolees. During the Japanese occupation, it was turned into a refugee camp and was bombed multiple times, damaging the place and killing quite a number of people. In the early 70’s it was repaired back to life as Diplomat Hotel, a 33-bedroom hotel, this is where the haunted scores of apparitions came into circulation until it ceased its operation and was deemed off limits as the owner died of unexplained illness. The haunting continues up to this day.

How To Get There:

● Take any Baguio bound buses in Cubao, Quezon City (Victory Liner, Five Star Bus). (Travel Time is around 5-6hrs)

● Upon arrival at Baguio City, take a cab going to Burnham Park and alight at the jeepney terminal located at Zandueta St. near the Harrison-Abanao-Magsaysay Intersection, take the jeeps bound for Dominican Hill. Alternately, you can hail a cab to take you directly to the Diplomat Hotel.

● Ask the driver to drop you off at the foot of Diplomat Hotel then walk until you reach the famed property.

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