SNAPSHOT: Tignoan Beach

Located in Real, Quezon, the Tignoan Beach is the lesser known surfing haven that is nearer the city. Contrasted by the rugged coastlines of Quezon Province since it is facing the Pacific Ocean, Tignoan emerges as the smoother side of it, with its fine brown sand and awesome swells almost all year long.
How To Get There:

●  Take a Raymond Bus Line bound for Infanta, Quezon located in Legarda St. Sampaloc, Manila. This will pass through Rizal and Laguna. (Travel time is atleast 4hrs)

● Alternately, there are also commuter vans at Legarda St. near the Raymond Bus Lines bound for Infanta, Quezon. (Travel time is atleast 3hrs)

● Alight at The Pacific Recreational Kamp (The PaRK) located in Brgy. Tignoan which is at the right side of the highway. This is the nearest and cheapest accomodation going to the public beach of Tignoan.

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