Bangui Wind Farm has been the icon of Ilocos Region and all throughout Asia. The turbines are arranged in a single row stretching across the nine-kilometer Bangui Bay facing the West Philippine Sea. Each generating 1.65Mega Watts, this 70 meter high V82 Vestas Wind Turbines, is also composed of a three rotor blades spanning a total blade diameter of 41meters. 

How To Get There:

● By land, take any bus bound for Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte (GV Florida Transport), or alternately, take any Laoag, Ilocos Norte bound bus (GV Florida Transport, Partas Bus, Dominion Bus Lines, Fariñas Transit, Autobus) then hop on to another bus bound for Pagudpud town proper. (10-12hrs travel time)

● By Air, take any flight bound for Laoag City Airport via Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines, and from Laoag, Ilocos Norte hop on to another bus bound for Pagudpud. (45mins flight time + 1.5hr land travel)

● Once in Pagudpud, there are several accredited tricycle tours that can take you on the Southbound Tour (Pagudpud Town, Saud Beach, Bangui and Burgos Wind Farm, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse) and the Northbound Tour (Kabigan Falls, Patapat Viaduct, Bantay Abot Cave, Timangtang Rock, Blue Lagoon and Dos Hermanos Islets).

Full Article Here:

The Great Amianan, Northbound – Ilocos Norte (Part II)


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